All Radeon 9500/9700 cards are 8x AGP enabled, and need to have pins 3 and 11 disabled in order to work in ADC-capable G4 Macs (Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, Quicksilver, Mirrored Drive Doors, FW800)

9700 Pro 128MB


Core speed: 325MHz
RAM speed: 300MHz DDR
Pipelines: 8 (full)
Memory bus: 256-bit (full)
AGP: 2x + 4x + 8x Compatible - All Tower G4s and Tower G5s with AGP slots
Ports: DVI-I, VGA, and S-Video All fully functional
G4 Cube: Not compatible.
ROM chip: Usually 128k, rarely 64k.
Full ROM: 9700 Pro 130 ROM
Reduced ROM: 9700 Pro 130 Reduced ROM
Notes: This is the best 9700 card; it's the fastest, and it's easy to flash.

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