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As the process is a little complicated, you may want to print this instruction page. A "print view" is at the very bottom.
To create new entries, you have to do the following:

  • create a Wikidot account. It's free and doesn't contain any further duties. Your link is: here, at the very top, right-hand-side is the "create-account"-button
  • send a private message to xxx to get your account switched free.
  • choose the appropriate section (ATI - Nvidia)
  • edit the list of cards, and create a new line ( "short-name-of-the-card |detailed-name-of-the-card")
  • click the "template to create a new entry" link
  • click "edit" and copy the content of the editor window, don't just copy the appearance of the template
  • go back to the list of cards
  • follow the link to "your" card
  • create a new page
  • paste the template
  • edit it to your needs

Thank you a lot for supporting the community !!

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