Firegl X2 256t

FireGL X2 256t

Specifications: See 9800XT
Ports: Dual DVI-I Untested functionality
ROM chip: Probably 64K.
Notes: Exotic and expensive high-end card. Hardware-wise, save the addition of the second DVI port and omission of S-Video, this card is identical to the 9800XT. If you should happen to come across one of these cards, you may be able to flash it using the Mac 9800XT ROM and get dual-DVI functionality along with some nice, fast performance. Such a flash has never been reported. It may also be the case that this card will mimic the behavior of the 9700-based FireGL X1, and each port will only do VGA output when flashed with the Mac XT ROM. It has been reported that when flashed with the Pro ROM that one of the ports works, but the other does not.
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