ATI FireGL X3-256 AGP

For this card pins 3 & 11 must be tapped, or resistors R2 & R4 removed to make it work in Power Mac G4.


HP OEM ATI FireGL X3-256

Part Numbers

ATI FireGL X3-256MB (PN7120013800 0519A)
P/N: 377846-001
BIOS: 113-A30104-102
SPARE P/N: 377993-001
P/N: 102A3010400 000005

Serial Numbers

S/N: CN55101221
S/N: 650551007042

I/O Ports

AGP 8x/4x
1 - DVI-I (working), 1 - DL-DVI-I (working), 1 - S-Video (not tested)

Purchase Price and Date

30 EUR - 18.04.2015

Photos of the card


used ROM file (moded or not)

FireGLX3 Reduced by Tome

flashed on PC or MAC

Flashed on Power Mac G4 MDD in Mac OS X 10.5.8 using Graphicellerator 1.3.3a in Safe Mode (Card could be flashed in Safe Mode ONLY, normal mode will cause Kernel Panic).

Used Flashing Tool

ATI Multi Flasher (Graphicellerator) in Safe Mode

Target Mac

Any G4 with AGP Slots, Any G5 with AGP Slots


No hacks needed, but before putting FireGL X3 into Mac, install ATI Display Drivers FIRST

Author and Date

armdn, 20 May 2015

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