Galaxy 6800 HK AGP


•Galaxy Geforce 6800
This card has shown up recently on Ebay from Hong Kong and has a smaller than normal 6800 PCB. It is not as fast as the large PCB 6800's. The card is disabled by hardware and a very curious PC ROM. The Temperature Sensor, TV Out and DL do NOT work.
The flashed card has been tested in Sawtooth, Cube G4's and early AGP G5's.
The Mac ROM for flashing this is very different than other 6800 ROM's in our Downloads Section. The Clock speeds have been extensively tested and are the safest known to work. It is not overclockable.
It is doubtful that other manufacturers 6800's will work with this ROM.
There are still some odd issues in certain computer setup's with video card/ROM, so be warned.


•Galaxy Nvidia Geforce 6800 AGP 2x/4x/8x (non-GT)

Input and output ports

•VGA/DVI, TV-Out. TV Out is non functional.

Estimated purchase price

•$65-$70 on May 2010, only one Ebay supplier.

Photo of the card


ROM file in TME Downloads Section

•Galaxy GeForce 6800 HK (FlyProductions).
•This is a special ROM for this card ONLY.
•See The Mac Elite Wiki Downloads Section for ROM's.

Best way to flash

•Use a PC with PCI video card and empty AGP slot. Follow Nvidia Flashing Guidelines for 5/6/7 Series. Flash is simple if you follow directions. Always Backup PC ROM first.

Flashing tool

•Nvflash 5.31>

Target Mac

•This is an attempt for a faster video card for the Cube and is the most modern video card available for it. Cubes are limited by the 2x AGP slot and PSU power so this is as far as we have been able to go. (The 6600 series did not work)
•There are faster cards for the Tower AGP Mac's, although this card will fit them.
•Has only been tested in Sawtooth, G5 AGP and Cube.


•Has modern Core Image, less power requirements.
•Fit's the Cube with a VRM relocation and aftermarket fan.
•12 Pixel/5 Vertex Shaders.
•2x/4x/8x AGP.
•Good OGL Viewer scores, similar to ATI 9800.
•Lower power use than ATI 9800.
•Lower heat than ATI 9800.
•Simple flash following the Wiki Flashing Guidelines.

•Needs 4-pin Molex extra Power supply. Cube uses Optical Drive 'Y'.
•Cube needs VRM Re-location.
•No Temperature Sensor.
•No TV Out.
•Not Dual Link.
•Slower clock speeds than normal 6800's.
•Caution: A Cube needs a smaller aftermarket fan installed.
•Limited supply, currently there is only one Ebay Seller from Hong Kong.
•Beta ROM at this point, some bugs may still be found.


Fangsuede, 20 May, 2010

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