NVIDIA Reference

Name of the card:

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (NVIDIA 180-10201-0000-A02)

Serial numbers:

900-10201-0007-210 J
600-10201-0007-210 V

Input and Output ports:

AGP4x - AGP8x
DVI + VGA + S-Out/S-In All works

Purchase price and date:

90 Euro 22.05.2008 %)

Photo of the card:


Used ROM file:

2121 - DVI Enabled (Arti) + Vcore lowered at 1.3V (gotoh)

Flashed on:

PC with DOS diskette

Used flashing tool:

nvflash 5.xx

Target Mac:

Power Mac G4 DA, QS2001/QS2002, G5 AGP.


Works great, works ALL, QE/CI/VIVO. Temperature sensors works in Tiger just stable. Tested Quake 4, and temperature has rise to 66C. No more… It is perfect. Recommend to instal Thermaltake DuOrb cooler. Temperature will reduce to 48-55 C.

Name of the author, date of writing

ARMAGEDDON~[GDMS][49406]/(ARMDN), 30 Nov 2007

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